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The Irbis 200u is a lightweight utilitarian budget–class ATV with a medium-volume engine, rear-wheel drive and a simple transmission. Despite the relatively small cubic capacity of the engine, the irbis 200u 200cc 4t can compare with, and in some respects surpass, more powerful ATVs in its main operational parameters.
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Technical specifications

Number of clock cycles 4
Engine capacity 197 CC
Power at 7500 rpm 14.28 HP
Torque 15.0 NM at 5500 rpm
Compression ratio N/A
Intake Carburetor
Cooling Air
Launch system Electric
Transmission Mechanical
Drive N/A
Transmission 4-speed, with reverse gear
Dimensions and weight
Length 1760 mm
Width 1060 mm
Height 880 mm
Wheelbase 1120 mm
Ground clearance 120 mm
Dry mass 160 kg
Chassis and brakes
Front suspension Independent pendulum suspension, two-lever
Front suspension stroke N/A
Rear suspension Pendulum
Rear suspension stroke N/A
Front brake Hydraulic disc pumps
Rear brake Hydraulic disc pumps
Front/rear tires 23x7.00-10 / 22x10.00-10
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed 65 km/h
Fuel tank capacity 4.5 l
Maximum load on the front trunk N/A
Maximum load on the rear trunk N/A
Power steering N/A

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