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The powerful and compact outboard motor HDX T 50 (FWS) is a two-stroke engine from a series of high-quality and inexpensive analogues of the best Japanese engines. The gasoline engine has a capacity of 50 horsepower and a working volume of 703 cm3. A two-stroke outboard motor with remote control under the console will please with its practicality, compact dimensions and high performance on the water. The engine provides convenience and comfort in use – largely due to components such as electric start and remote control. The two-cylinder engine is equipped with an external fuel tank, with a volume of 24 liters. To refuel the outboard motor requires a fuel mixture of gasoline with oil 50:1. Lubrication of moving parts is carried out with pre-mixed gasoline and oil. The engine has a carburetor power system, a CDI ignition system. Electronic ignition promotes a confident start and quick start regardless of weather conditions. The motor is started and controlled remotely. The engine is convenient to use with the console. The remote ignition system optimizes interaction with the motor. The motor has three gears: Forward-Neutral-Backward (F-N-R) for comfortable boat control and improved maneuverability. Traffic safety is confirmed by the presence of an emergency stop cable. The engine is cooled by water, and exhaust gases are removed into the water through a screw. The outboard motor is installed on the transom manually. The outboard motor is designed for a standard transom height of 381 mm and has a total weight of 73.5 kg. Clamp clamping screws are available for fixing. Adjustment of the differential angle is done manually experimentally. A special mode is provided for movement in shallow water. The outboard motor is equipped with a three-bladed aluminum screw. The motor body is painted black. A protective anode against corrosion is installed. The HDX T 50 two-stroke motor (FWS) is recommended primarily to professionals and fans of high-speed movement, as well as representatives of the commercial sphere.  
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Technical specifications

Number of clock cycles 2
Volume 703 CC
Power 50 HP
Cylinder diameter and piston stroke 80х70
Number of cylinders 2
Operating range at full throttle 4500-5500 rpm
Fuel system Injector
Launch Electric+Manual
Shaft length N/A
Dimensions and weight
Weight 73.5 kg
Length 1106 mm
Width 408 mm
Height 1213 mm
Operational characteristics
Management remote
Type of fuel tank Separate
Fuel tank capacity 24 l

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