Russian Mechanics RM Вектор 551i

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RM Vector 551i is a tourist—class snowmobile, the first model of a completely new line of Russian Mechanics snowmobile equipment. Excellent handling, increased maneuverability, verified ergonomic solutions, the original design of the car — all this is especially for travelers. On the way through the snowy expanses Vector will give you the joy of energetic movement and a real drive from the trip.
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Technical specifications

Number of clock cycles 2
Engine capacity 553 CC
Number of cylinders 2
Cylinder diameter and piston stroke 76х61
Max. power 65 HP
Intake Lobe valve
Cooling system Liquid
Dimensions and weight
Length 3250 mm
Width 1270 mm
Height 1425 mm
Distance between skis 1100 mm
Dry mass 320 kg
Track length 3968 mm
Track width 500 mm
The height of the ground hook 30 mm
Chassis and brakes
Front suspension Lever
Front suspension stroke 220 mm
Rear suspension Hydropneumatic single - tube
Rear suspension stroke 385 mm
Brake mechanism Hydraulic, disc
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed 100 km/h
Fuel tank capacity 42 l

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